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Meet Our Team

Master Caricature Artist and CEO Marie Cheek

Marie Cheek

Owner & CEO

As the founder and CEO of Caricature Artists Group, Marie has been working hard to provide the best art and entertainment to her valued clients in the DC area since 1991. After graduating VCU with a fine arts degree in painting and printmaking in 1975, she spent the next 16 years working as an illustrator. She entered the world of caricatures in the early 90s, answering an ad in the newspaper looking for artists. Quickly, because her work became popular for being so flattering and clever, her demand in the area grew, and Caricature Artists Group was born. Since then, Marie has been recruiting and training the most talented artists in the DC area so that everyone can enjoy the fun, lighthearted art of caricatures at any event. She has stayed true through the years to the principles that have made Caricature Artists Group a success: establishing strong relationships with both her clients and her artists, treating each event with an unparalleled level of care and diligence, and offering a great service at an affordable price.

Alex Cheek Colson

Multi Media Artist

From the time she could talk, Alex has been winning people over with her merry soul and 

infectious laugh. Once she was old enough to hold a pencil, deciding what she wanted to do with her life was never an issue for Alex. As a young child, she spent her time burning through endless sketchbooks, filling every last inch of the pages. At 15, she was ready to follow in the footsteps of her mother, Marie, as a caricature artist. Alex's caricatures have been the life of the party since her very first event. At the risk of exposing her inner nerd, Alex loves to be creative with her drawings, getting visibly excited when someone asks to be drawn as a Marvel, Sci Fi, or video game character.

She went on to graduate George Mason University with a BFA in fine art with a concentration in animation and a minor in video game design. Alex has since continued to explore her passion for art and entertaining, sharing her talents with people all over the DC metro area through her dazzling caricatures, digital artwork, silhouettes, and henna tattoos. 

Multi Media Artist Alex Cheek Colson
Multi Media Artist and Office Admin Audrey Cheek

Audrey Cheek

Multi Media Artist/Office Admin

Growing up in a household buzzing with creativity and encouragement to follow her passions, Audrey spent her whole life absorbing the skills and knowledge that were readily available to her at home. From an early age, she watched her mother, Marie, work from morning until late at night booking events, corresponding with clients and artists, managing finances, and creating vibrant works of art. Artistry and business came natural to Audrey as she studied under her mother, learning all the ins and outs that it takes to run a successful company and never giving up on refining and expanding her skills as an artist through art classes and hands on experience at events. 

Audrey loves helping plan events from start to finish and making each event that we are a part of a huge success. Even more rewarding to her is being able to be the artist (or one of them) who draws your guests and leaves them with a smile and keepsake they will be able to cherish for years to come. 


Master Face Painter and Balloon Artist

Xan was born and raised in Washington, DC. Although her professional career path led her down a more technical track, she was always passionate about the arts and creativity. Over the years, Xan has worked as a makeup artist, done mobile tanning, and finally found her niche in child entertainment. She began in 2008 with a signature service of face painting.  Due to demand she has since expanded to balloon twisting, glitter tattoos and henna. Xan has been face painting for over 10 years now and continues to learn and grow every season. Xan’s mission is to deliver quality family-friendly services, where creativity and professionalism leave you with an unforgettable experience. We love working with Xan because she is not only an amazingly talented technical artist, but because her dazzling smile and cheeky personality disarm even the most tired, cranky toddler and turn their frown upside down. Her adorable balloon creations and exciting face paint transformations provide hours of engaging entertainment.

Master Face Painter and Balloon Artist Xan
Multi Media Artist Mindy


Multi Media Artist

Our most versatile artist, Mindy, never ceases to amaze. With a masters of fine arts in oil painting and extensive art teaching experience across the United States, Mindy's life-long love of art has brought her immeasurable joy and success. A testament to her always helpful and innovative nature, she first discovered her talent in caricatures when a friend's outdoor party was rained out and she improvised by setting up an easel and entertaining the whole bunch with her spot-on accuracy and clever backgrounds. Mindy was hooked - she loved bringing joy to people with her hysterical caricatures, and it didn't stop there. After wowing us at Caricature Artists Group with samples of her work, she proved herself to be an invaluable member of the team - always eager to work, learn new skills, and bring smiles to everyone. Since bringing her on board, Mindy has also mastered face painting, balloon twisting, henna tattoo art, and silhouette cutting. We don't know what she has up her sleeve for us next, but we hear that fire eating and sword swallowing are all the rage today. How about it, Mindy?

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