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Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoo in Progress

     Henna is the latest in popular party activities! Henna is a plant that is processed and is made into a paste, which can be drawn onto hands, feet, backs, and any body part normally seen. The paste dries and flakes off and the rich reddish brown artwork remains. The temporary henna tattoo

lasts about a week.

Henna art can be used for bridal showers, college parties, picnics, corporate events, birthday parties, sweet 16s, or any event where you'd like to treat your guests to a gorgeous work of art they can enjoy all week long. Henna is appropriate for all ages and is a fun and creative way

to celebrate life’s milestones!

We use only commercially made authentic henna that is certified safe and non-toxic.

Rate: $145 per hour / 2 hour minimum


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