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Frequently Asked Questions

How many caricatures can the artist do per hour?


The artist can draw 8 – 12 drawings per hour. You can maximize the number of drawings done by asking the artist to do head and shoulder drawings or minimal background detail. If you have a small gathering with fewer attendees, you can ask the artist to add extra detail to each drawing. 



What do the artists need for set-up?


Caricature Artists will need chairs and a small area out of the way of foot traffic to set up their easels. If the venue lighting is dim, they may need access to outlets to plug in lamps.


Other Services such as Face Painting, Airbrush, Henna, and Balloons will all need a table.


If the event is outdoors, they will need to be in a shaded area.




How do we manage the line? Can we do a sign-up sheet?


We do not recommend sign-up sheets, unless you have a volunteer or event staff member available to manage it. 

If the next person on the list is not present when it is their turn, the artist has no way of knowing who/where they are, and the delays between drawings reduces the number of drawings they are able to do. 

The most efficient way of waiting to be drawn is to form a line so there is no downtime between drawings. For kids events, or if you have multiple artists, having a volunteer line manager may also be helpful.




How early do the artists arrive?


Depending on the service and set-up time required, expect your artist 20 – 30 minutes early.



What is the process for each drawing?


Once a guest sits down, the artist may ask them for a theme for their drawing. Many people like a tropical beach theme, sports, glam, or a character from their favorite movie, but you can ask for anything. For the next few minutes, they can just relax, sip their drinks, or chat. The main thing is that they are facing the artist so they can capture a good likeness.


Do the artists need parking accommodations?

The artists will need a place to park their vehicle during the event. If the parking provided is paid parking, this must be added into the total fee for the artist.

Do you serve outside of the DMV?


 Most of our artists are based out of DC, Virginia, and Maryland, but may travel if time/expenses are compensated.

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