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Sure, sending home the flower arrangements with your guests is great. But what better gift for your loved ones to remember your special day by than a stunning, personalized caricature?

From weddings to happy hours to picnics, there is no better way to show your guests how much they mean to you than by sending them home with a gorgeous personalized memento of your event. We have been known to be the most popular and memorable entertainment at just about any kind of event, with guests returning to annual events just to get their yearly caricatures.

Rate: $145 per hour / 2 hour minimum

Bearded Guy Happy About His New Caricature Artwork from Caricature Artists Group

Even watching the artists at work is entertaining for all!

Caricature Artwork from Caricature Artists Group


How many drawings can I expect per hour?

Approximate count:

Black and white head & shoulders - 12

Black and white full body/background - 10

Splash of color full body/background - 8

Full color head & shoulders - 8

Full color full body/background - 6

What if I would like my artist to stay longer than the hours I hired them for?

Our overtime rate is the same as our regular hourly rate ($145/hr). However, if you know your headcount is high and can anticipate the possibility of overtime, it is best to let us know in advance so we can schedule an artist who has no commitments after their scheduled hours. 

What do I need to have prepared for my artist upon arrival?

Our caricature artists each need two chairs and a spot away from foot traffic, loud DJs, and near electrical outlets if indoors in low light. Artists bring their own easels and supplies.


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