Quarantine Art

Marie Cheek

You name it, Marie can paint it. Pitchers, pet bowls, mugs, cereal/soup bowls, plates and platters, and much more are now available to customize  in your own personal way. Order a single piece or ask Marie to create you a custom collection.

Pricing varies per piece of pottery.  

By Marie Cheek

Hand-Painted Pottery




Wedding Announcements/Invitations/Portraits

By Alex Colson Cheek 

These elegant digital wedding portraits are perfect for Save-The-Dates, Invitations, and displays. 


Price: $150

Wood Burning

Digital Pet Sketch

Unique, classy, and perfect for decor. Set on a stand, hang on the wall, or get creative and add legs to it for an end table. This makes a great conversation piece in any setting!
Price starts at $100

The perfect addition to your fur baby's cozy corner - hang it on the wall above their bed to make them feel like the royalty that they are.

Price: $35


Repurposing and Refurbishing 

By Audrey Cheek 

Birthday Posters/Cards

Whether money is tight, you're trying to reduce your carbon footprint, or you just enjoy a good DIY, it's always nice to be able to repurpose or refurbish something rather than letting it go to waste.

Chipped a mirror? Don't know what to do with that starter guitar you never learned how to play? Want to give a piece of furniture a facelift?

Audrey will work with items that YOU already HAVE to generate a one-of-a-kind creation at a fraction of the cost.

Logos and Branding


Office Morale Boost

You're probably still masked up at work, but what if there was a way to see your peers beaming faces without risking your health? 
An office caricature will bring color, humor, and cheer to anyone who passes by it.

David Miller

DC Area Cartoonist and Caricaturist


When it comes to comic book style illustrations, David is your guy. Reminiscent of the old Marvel graphic novels, David's drawings seem to come to life on the page right before your eyes.

As a master of his craft, he is always coming up with new ideas to add to his portfolio of groundbreaking work.

Holiday themed Caricatures are the next big thing. Bringing a bowl of potato salad to the festivities is good, but let's be honest, it's played out, not to mention that festivities probably look a little different this year. 


Instead, gift a set of Holiday Caricatures that will be a lasting reminder of the good times shared. 

Your friends and family will applaud your thoughtful, creative, and health conscious contribution to any special day.


You Name it I Paint it 

By Mindy Mitchell

From crisp digital artwork to old fashioned oil on canvas, Mindy does it all. She manages to seamlessly transition from elegance to humor with each piece (per the clients request) while still maintaining her signature style. 



When it comes to marketing in the digital age, canvassing neighborhoods and yellow page ads just won't cut it anymore. Even lengthy text on a website can be confusing, mundane, and a turn off to potential customers.

For any business, engaging your audience in a way that will comprehensively convey your mission before you lose their attention is a must.

Mindy's creativity in combination with her animation skills can produce a killer marketing tool for those keen on keeping up with today's fast pace.